Web Design Process

At the start of the project we spend time understanding your business and defining your objectives and goals. We ask a lot of questions that cover a wide range of topics such as the business case for the project, audience, review of existing system and issues, style and design preferences and your success metrics. From this research we put together the project scope document that all stakeholders agree. more

Email Marketing ervices

If you want to build a strong base of committed and loyal customers, which can provide a predictable revenue growth for your businessin all kinds of market environments then you need an email marketing strategy. Nawazish can develop a variety of email marketing strategies, from new user acquisition and list growth to lead nurturing and email list monetization. more

Lead Generation Services

Modern businesses run on web leads. But, as they say It's not as easy as it looks, And there's nothing more daunting than waiting, hoping for prospects to materialize.Nawazish can help you take control of your business destiny.Our inbound marketing specialist can design a custom lead generation program that will start filling your CRM and ringing your phone. more

Web Design and Marketing

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Nawazish Technology Infrastructure Services cut costs and boost efficiency through the world class innovative and high-quality services. We provide standardized and automated systems utilizing appropriate IT services serving customers around the world. Nawazish IT Services provides a wide range of services to corporations, these services include the Data Center Services, End User Services, Network and Communication Services, Technical and Maintenance Services and much more.

Social Media

Post oneThe advent of social media has transformed both the design and marketing industry, clients now require a new breed of designers with new skills suited to the Internet age.

Nawazish social media website design is equally adept at crafting new media solutions as it is at creating mass media collateral. Our team posses both the knowledge and the skills to produce clutter breaking designs tailored to the unique social media requirements

Domain Registration

Domain RegistrationNeed to register a domain name for your business or association? The marketing professionals at Nawazish brainstorm great potential domain names, research their availability, and register them cheaply .com or .ca name. more

Web Hosting

HostingWant inexpensive website hosting? Our discounted rates start at just $55 per year. This basic hosting includes unlimited sub-domains, an unlimited number of email addresses and forwarders, 50000 MB of storage space. more